COCKTAILBUS – Charlie Sheen

Our “Charlie Sheen” feels at home where alcohol flows in abundance. This is exactly why we think the name of our bulli is a perfect match.

Let’s talk about details

The short one

“The short one” is the right choice for you to quench the small thirst of your gang and cheer up the mood. Our starter package for the shy ones among us.

€ 1,200.00 plus VAT
200 drinks
Matching glasses
4 hours of pure cocktail fun

Start to fly

Is the glass half full or half empty? It depends! Not sure how much your crew can take, why not our middle one to start with?

€ 1,650.00 plus VAT
300 drinks
Matching glasses
5 hours of pure cocktail fun

Flying high

Slowly but surely woozy through the night? Why not join this feeling? This package is a good choice to kick-start the event step by step.

€ 2,000.00 plus VAT
400 drinks
Matching glasses
6 hours of pure cocktail fun

DoN#t text your ex

“They see me rollin” – the handbrake is released and nobody should be left out on dry land? Check this out – our Charlie Sheen didn’t get this name for nothing.

€ 2,450.00 plus VAT
500 drinks
Matching glasses
7 hours of pure cocktail fun

Twinkle twinkle little star, point me to the nearest bar.


What’s in it? No clue which drinks belong to the “crème de la crème”, are currently trendy and shouldn´t  be missing at your binge? That´s no problem at all! You can choose up to six cocktails and long drinks from our cocktail menu, so it will meet your and your guests taste for sure.

Our Charlie Sheen swallows € 0.60 / km to get to you. If your party is spontaneously celebrated more excessively than planned, you got the oportunity to extend the party for 60.00 € / h. Therefore our talented bartenders and the equipment are still available for you without any problems. Depending on your package selection in the first place, the additional drinks will be billed.

Assembling and dismantling the whole backdrop – lean back and that´s our concern ofcourse!

As a rule, you can expect about 3 drinks per person, but that doesn´t mean that you can´t drink more than that 😊. We have summarized our various package variations for you. However, if there isn´t something suitable for your event, we are happy to talk about your ideas over a good coffee.

Our sledge will be delivered to your party ready to go according to your package selection, including our marvelous bartenders. They are ready to shake.

You´ve got your own ideas and want to give our bulli a secial touch? A champagne reception, a candy bar or just space for a DJ desk – whatever – we are up for everything.

Turn your event into something spectacular, let’s go! Contact us and your party will be unique.